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Graphic Design

Looking for a business card or flyer that makes a great first impression? We offer a wide variety of digital and print products to help you communicate your product.


Have a logo idea but don't know where to go from there? We'll help you start or refresh your business with creative direction that makes the world a better place.

video editing

Get your business some attention with a video that people will watch long after the skip button. We know how to put the heart of your business into film action.

website creation

Need a place to call home on the web? Or does your mobile site hurt your eyes? We offer clean and appealing web site design that will boost client satisfaction.

creative revolution

who we are

beards. beets. battle star galactica.

what's with the dragon?

Kevin and I were tossing some ideas around one day at a local Pizza place and wrote down a long list of catchy names that were fun and very recognizable. Joking about our beards, we wanted a name that would reflect them and make our beards the icon of our business.  

Thus, Bearded Dragon was formed!  We knew having a lizard with facial hair as our logo was quite comical and perfectly reflected our fun and upbeat personalities!

bearded buddies

After some further research, we found that the dragon in some parts of the world is a sign of new beginnings, achievement, prosperity, and success. It’s a creature brought to life through creativity and imagination!

This is who we are and what we do! Our goal is to use creativity, imagination, and our awesome beards, to create content tailored specifically and uniquely for you!